About Us

In any society, when you stumble across (perhaps) a stranger asking you for a lemon sherbet or receive an anonymous phone call in the dead of the night from somebody with a bad head cold, one of the most frequent questions asked in these situations is “Who are you?”

To answer one of life’s great questions, we have to use many adjectives and paragraphs in order to explain ourselves properly.

But, according to another great quote of life, a picture is worth a thousand words (not to mention a 20 frame .gif). It would be a lot more efficient if we can demonstrate to you the wonders of Harry Potter Club through the testimonies (100% truthful) from our many supporters.

Aside from the wonderful testimonies, the HPC is an all-around great organization dedicated to spreading Harry Potter around our school, and eventually, the world. In fact, we are planning a silent takeover of the school’s student government and social hierarchy. Motives will be clear at a later date.

We first started the club in the spring of 2011, after many years of conspiring and dreaming of creating the school’s one and only, extremely prestigious Harry Potter Club. It was sort of an underground operation, run at lunch times (originally Thursday, but that got switched to Wednesdays) in the room of one of the best teachers at GP. Right off the bat we attracted a large circle of followers who signed away to us their souls, and though the group dwindled temporarily and metamorphosised a bit, it still remained a loyal concentration of Harry Potter lovers. Although the club was not as well-known for the 2010-2011 school year, and was not very structured, we have great plans for the 2011-2012 school year, as you can probably see by our website.

The main focus of our club this year is to read through the books and discuss them section by section. It will be a great way to get a new take on the books as you interact with other people who may have different perspectives and conclusions about the series than you. We will also have fun activities occasionally, and other events also may conspire (such as movie-watching) outside of school hours, but they are most definitely optional. Our main focus is discussing the books to share different viewpoints, thoughts, ideas, and other points of notice with others whom it may interest. Our club, at its heart, is a literary club – just with a catch; we focus on the wonder and magic of the Harry Potter book series.

Anne and Chelsea are known for their ability to bring Harry Potter up in every conversation they have (if they so choose), and are famed for having a rant in Grade 7 about the Harry Potter movies that lasted for three days.


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