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Tips for registering on Pottermore


Set your ringers to loudest, and follow several Pottermore tip-off twitters that are dedicated to tweeting as soon as the clue goes up. Make sure tweets from these users are sent to your cellphone and now you can sleep instead of staying up. Here are a couple.


Okay, you can always google it, or you can do a quick search on a .pdf. The one for Chamber of Secrets is HERE .


Get into the habit if you’re not adverse to pulling all-nighters. Have the coffee and tea on hand though.


Keeping an eye out for the #Pottermore tag helps if somebody suddenly updates with new information.

Also, track tags on all social networking platforms to increase chances of coming across hints.


The questions are likely to be equation-based and require basic multiplication.

Or have the calculator open on your computer.


If you got in, make sure you’re not making a typo in your excitement for your email address. If you entered it incorrectly, you will miss your chance to verify and will need to register again.


You may be directed to another Pottermore-affiliated site where you will have to peruse around slightly in order to find the Magical Quill, so be patient.


Pottermore Registration: Day 1

The Magical Quill question called for the number of breeds of owls on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign multiplied by 49. The actual number varies depending on which edition you were reading: in this case, the UK edition is the correct one (always rely on the UK edition) with five, and multiplied by forty-nine made a total of 245.

The link you would have inputted would’ve been

This was made available this morning at 3am CST. If you were one of the lucky few who got in (like me), then congratulations to you! You are magical! Here are some hasty screenshots I took this morning while I registered, my hands were shaking so badly it was difficult to type in all my information in time.

(I am EchoFloo194 by the way)

If you don’t get your verification email right away, don’t panic. (I didn’t, and I did panic) It took me about twenty minutes to get mine while other people have waited two hours, or otherwise got them immediately. Don’t forget to verify within 48 hours or you’ll have to register again!

The Welcome Email officially letting you into Pottermore will begin being distributed after the Magical Quill promotion is over. I think it goes to the Day 1 people first, then Day 2 and so on and so forth.

Best of luck to all and hope you’re in the lucky million who makes it in to beta test Pottermore!


Voldemort and Draco being bffls

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

[Sorry it took so long for this to come in. I posted this on my blog the day after the movie but never got around to pasting it here – er – and censoring some language.]


I know I’m a massive pain for whining about every single deviation from the book and I’m going to temporarily be an annoying Harry Potter fan but w/e.

Okay, I’m just going to focus on directing currently.

Uh – David Yates.

  • Too much comic relief – way too much
  • The long pauses between everything everybody says?

Regarding the comic relief, even though I laughed along with the theatre when they occurred, I did not find most of them funny or particularly helpful whatsoever in the scene. In fact, it rather ruined the scene on more than one occasion. Some of it seemed rather forced and – let’s face it – unoriginal. While the inclusion of JKR’s brilliant comic relief moments (expertly timed, of course) were absolutely fantastic in contributing to the mood in the book, the failure to depict said mood on screen was honestly disappointing.

I think the long pauses were supposed to have a suspenseful effect or s/t but the timing kind of made it seem like the actors forgot their lines. The timing was just off in general. Those pauses could have been taken out to not only generate a more audience-engaging story line but also create more screen time for the more important things which sadly did not make the cut into the film.

Now I’m going to actually begin. (And I do really accept that being a movie based on the book, it will undoubtedly cut out certain things. However, these are large misses, details aside, which are very necessary in the story.)

  1. Wait – where is Dumbledore’s story?

Ariana was mentioned, and Aberforth made an appearance but Dumbledore’s story was never clarified. When Aberforth didn’t tell it initially, I thought “oh, okay, they’re putting it at the end so Dumbledore tells it himself” but then they didn’t and I was like, “what the hell is wrong with you”. Dumbledore’s story is valuable because it really fleshes out his character, showing both his vulnerabilities and his humanity. But in the end, I just felt like they made Dumbledore almost saintlike, just a cliche wizard with a long beard who has all the answers and is wise like Confucius. And I didn’t like that one bit.

2. Voldemort, you fight like a muggle

Erm, I have nothing to say about the ghetto beat down, but yeah, I do. Voldemort, you hate muggles, yet you are going to give up using your wand to kick Harry in the face. From the second I read about it in the first rumours of DH Part II, I’ve been dreading it. So despite my mental preparations, I was still like wtf throughout the entire scene. Also, when he and Harry embraced each other and fell through the air (insert “My Heart Will Go On” here), I could hardly breathe because I was laughing so hard.

3. Harry would never last a second dueling Voldemort in a situation where  no weird hocus-pocus happens

The point of the story is that Voldemort essentially brought about his own downfall. (More on that later.) So the second any spell of his collides with Harry’s, Draco’s wand would overpower the elder wand and rebound the curse onto Voldemort. Yet they were dueling for ages, eventually resulting in the muggle fighting mentioned above. The scene thus made it seem like Harry was an equal match in skill for Voldemort when that isn’t the case at all.

Of course, you could also say that the reason it didn’t rebound is because Nagini was still alive, thus the horcrux was tethering Voldemort to life. But if this was the reason, then the same thing would have happened to Voldemort as did when he tried to kill Harry when Harry was one. And that didn’t happen so I have no idea what Yates was thinking.

4. This is the “more on that later”. Why Harry lived was not made clear at all.

Dumbledore didn’t even mention Voldemort using Harry’s blood to remake his body. It kind of just sounded like any wizard has a choice idk it was bad.

5. The Prince’s Tale

Okay everybody is going to hate me. I am the world’s biggest Snily shipper and I didn’t like The Prince’s Tale. It didn’t do the book justice.

To be fair, the scenes of them as children were absolutely beautiful. (And notice how kid Snape was actually so much better looking than kid James.) The artistry was there, the cinematography was brilliant, but once again, it seemed to have glossed over the point.

Maybe they decided the best way to convert the audience on all of Snape’s supposed wrongdoings in the past was to make him unabashedly good in the Prince’s Tale.

Snape did not look like a mistreated kid at all. He was wearing relatively nice clothes, he was beautiful in appearance and all of his aesthetic flaws were abandoned. It made it seem like they were just “magical childhood friends” who met in Narnia or something. Excuse me but Snape came out of a bloody tree. It was just too…pure.

And that might be the wrong thing to say, but the lack of conversation combined with the brevity of the scenes (as well as the smokiness) which was probably intended to convey one mood just left me extremely irritated. They didn’t just see each other and smile at each other and know right away that they were destined to be ~soul mates~ or w/e.

I really wish they would have at least put in the conversation in which Lily asks, “does it matter being muggleborn” and Snape pauses, then says, “no, it doesn’t matter”.

Why is it that James was barely in his memories at all? There was this very short scene in which some kids with afros bumped Snape in the hall. And Lily never seemed to dislike James at all. It made it seem as though she just fell in love with James, this derp of a kid at the sorting looking at her and just stopped hanging out with Snape.


It did not show the fights Lily had with Snape, it did not show the ultimatums she kept on giving him regarding his friends and his obsession with the dark arts, and there was no final confrontation by the lake/outside the Gryffindor common room.

The movie makers must be huge Snily fans, but even so, Snape needs these moments to make him the character that he is and the character that I love. He needs his own little stray-off-the-path moments.

Erm, Snape holding Lily while Harry was crying in the background was kind of funny to me. I laughed and tears came out.

6. Snape’s Death

There was potential to be good. I teared up. But then they forced a godawful ending with the tear and etc. I wanted silver memories to effuse from him. The tear, in my opinion, weakened Snape. He was always…Snape till the very end. The lapse in character, to me at least, was kind of disturbing.

We can agree to disagree. Although he did entrust his memories to Harry, it was more as a last obligation of his duties to Lily, because Dumbledore told him that Harry must know that he had to die. So Snape, I guess, accepting Harry in the end is a little…eh. Snape would never like Harry, he hated James with too great a passion. The little allowance he made for Harry in the end could either be touching or severely out of character. Once again, I need to point out how much the movie makers were obviously trying to convert the ones who have never read the books to being convinced that Snily is canon. (“You have your mother’s eyes”, etc.)

7. That’s the elder wand!

lol did the elder wand just crack. The elder wand don’t crack, you crazies.

Harry. You just snapped the elder wand. That is the elder wand, it has been around for millenniums. I am pretty sure that the elder wand cannot just be so easily snapped. And you were supposed to put it back with Dumbledore what the hell are you doing Harry.

Oh and you forgot to repair your own wand. What are you going to do Harry, you are wandless. Are you just going to use Draco’s wand for the rest of your life? Why are you encouraging Drarry.

8. Voldemort/Draco


9. Off to the battle

The atmosphere wasn’t much like a bunch of excited students ready to battle. I wanted McGonagall to officially announce that they were at war, and then the cheer from the students. And while this may seem like I’m being excessively nitpicky, but it just really wasn’t made clear at all that it was a war. It was just a huge heap of what the hell is going on.

10. Ron and Hermione’s kiss

The timing was off, the timing was off, the timing was off. And it wasn’t off in that awkward way that would complement Ron and Hermione’s relationship but it was just overly dramatic.

Um, I didn’t like it. And I was looking forward to it too. :(((((((((99

11. King’s Cross

Well, besides the fact that they didn’t cover why Harry had the chance to come back at all, it was still bad. Because c’mon Harry, you are supposed to be really confused, you’re not supposed to be like “oh hey, there’s Dumbledore. Hey Dumbledore sup your brother is crazy lulz.”

It didn’t explain Dumbledore’s intricate plan or any of Voldemort’s weak points which ultimately brought him down.

And at the end, when Harry said that thing about Snape and Lily’s patronuses being the same as being curious, I was like, “harry you are not that tactless you just watched snape cry while embracing your mother while you wailed in the background how thick do you have to be i ought to ship you with goyle or something”

Once again, movie makers. Really subtle.

12. The Final Battle

Bellatrix disintegrated. Tell me how that happens. And so did Voldemort. What the actual -.

I really wished Harry would have said “try for some remorse” to Voldemort. I thought that was a really poignant part of the scene in the book. And I wanted everybody to be there to see the death of Voldemort. I can see in my head so clearly the two of them circling around each other, Harry saying he doesn’t need anybody to help, Voldemort actually disarming his own Death Eaters as they try to step in to aid him. It would have been better than them prancing all over the place.

I have already mentioned the stupidity of Voldemort’s elder wand vs. Draco’s wand.

Neville killing Nagini…I thought he was going to do it after his speech. But then he didn’t. I didn’t like the way they did it; it would have been more courageous of him to do it right there and then in front of Voldemort.

And finally, the scene immediately after Voldemort’s death with no one as witness but Harry Potter…what. Voldemort just died. I know you’re injured and you’ve suffered losses, but at least don’t look like you’re just all recovering from a bad hangover or whatever. Shouldn’t it at least be a tad more celebratory?

13. 19 Years Later

Oh. We saw the back of Scorpius’s head.

We didn’t see Teddy at all.

Oh okay.

I’m done being a complete prick about everything and now I’m going to rattle off some things I actually did like about the film.

  • The music was amazing – I love love love the soundtrack.
  • The ending was simply perfect – The use of John Williams’s track from Philosopher’s Stone was so nostalgic and…there’s no better word for it, good.
  • Voldemort’s little noises were probably not meant to be funny but they were an endless source of entertainment
  • Thank you, Alan Rickman, for an amazing performance. It’s not your fault that Yates wanted some things done his way.
  • Cinematography was beautiful, as was artistic aestheticism
  • I will wear my 3D glasses to school (oh, not about the film but okay)
  •  The beginning – silent, haunting, perfect

Thanks for everything WarnerBros, even though I’ve already gotten closure in 2007, thanks for making some crappy movies and some okay movies and making me love the books that much more in comparison.


July 21st, 2007


July 16th, 2005.


[Anne: Bitter memories, bitter memories. I will never forget the moment when my supposed friend spoiled the ending for me the day after the book release.]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Movie Premiere

At the publication of this post, Chelsea and I are at the theatre.

Full movie review to come later.


If you are reading this and not at the theatre, what are you waiting for?


July 8th, 1999.

And sorry, we missed the publication of the Philosopher’s Stone – July 1st, 1997.

You’ve probably seen these, but they’re pretty awesome anyways.

Master post of DH II posters.