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Fan Art Contest

As many of you know by now, we will be holding a Fan Art Contest.

I’m sure you all know what fan art is (it’s self-explanatory) so I will announce the categories of submission for the event. They are: TRADITIONAL/VISUAL ART (of any media), and OTHER (comprising FANFICTION, MUSIC, VIDEO/FILM, MISC. FAN PIECES, ETC.). Just be creative.

Each person has a maximum of two a eligible submissions and an infinite number of fun pieces which will not be judged. If there are not enough submissions, we will merge all of the categories together. If there are too many submissions, we may make additional categories.

For each submission category, there are two judging categories: DICTATOR’S CHOICE, and PEOPLE’S CHOICE. If you win Dictator’s Choice, you will earn yourself several points, whereas if you win People’s Choice, you will earn yourself a prize.

You do not have to participate in the event, but you will/may earn points and prizes if you do.

The deadline for all submissions is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011, so get started.

[NOTE: If you are writing a fanfiction piece, please see this post: Also, feel free to browse around DeviantArt if you run out of ideas – but be prepared to lose a lot of time here. It’s a great place to procrastinate.]

You can submit pieces to us by e-mail (which we will then post to the blog), by link (from your website of sorts), by photograph, or by physical copy at one of our meetings. Be sure to have your piece there or accessible at school for the submission date.


Opening Year Wrock

Sorry. For all of you who enjoyed my somewhat daily Wrock posts in the past, I have been too lazy to put one up. Since we are now embarking on the two chapters of Philosopher’s Stone, I felt like I should choose a relevant song to share. I might always post Wrock songs from now on which are relevant to the chapters the club is reading.

For those of you who are new, I am somewhat of a Wrock fan – not hardcore, but I know a few bands. My absolute favorite band is Ministry of Magic, so you will probably be seeing their songs a lot. For those of you who are not so immersed in the Harry Potter fandom, Wrock stands for Wizard Rock which is basically rock/pop/electronica music…about Harry Potter. Youtube it, Wrock is great and awesome. Chelsea and I started a Wrock band in grade seven which has been dormant for four years.

Here’s how my Wrock posts work: I post a bit about the song, usually personal and probably not interesting. I embed the YouTube video so you can preview it within your browser, then you can download the song by right-clicking the download link as selecting “save link as” or “save target as”.

Today, I have an oldie but a goodie. Harry and the Potters, you guys. A little bit of Harry Potter education, Harry and the Potters are the gods of Wrock. They created Wrock. They are true pioneers of Wrock music, which probably explains the crappy quality of their songs as opposed to more professionally produced Wrock bands you see today. This is all part of what makes them awesome; people who just decided to put time and effort into writing songs about Harry Potter, recording albums and putting them out there. I’m not even beginning to touch on the incredible things they’ve done with the Harry Potter Alliance. TL;DR? They set the Wizard Rock movement in motion.

I am a Wizard – Harry and the Potters [Download]


Periodical Wrock Song

DOWNLOAD: End of an Era – Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls


(Sorry about the redirect link by the way. My usual mp3 host isn’t working today. You can still download the song from the button above.)

Periodical Wrock Songs: Snily Edition

Snily is probably the accumulation of all of my “angst” in the Harry Potter fandom. The unrequited love, the almost canon (and most certainly fanon) pair. To celebrate the launch of The HPC, here is a taste of my top Snily songs from my collection. (Some I could not find on YouTube, so just download and have a listen!)

(But I would love it if you would support the artists by buying their music! They are all fantastically talented and it’s thanks to their efforts that we have these lovely songs.)

Note: This video is only around 2 minutes long; the song’s actual length is 5:41. I do love Lena Gabrielle. I might post some other songs from The Butterbeer Experience later.

DOWNLOAD: The Prince\’s Tale – The Butterbeer Experience (Ft. Christian Caldeira)


Lily! is a new find, and I just instantly fell in love with it and had to share it.

DOWNLOAD: Lily! – Lily & James


Ministry of Magic is my favorite Wrock band, so what would this post be without two songs from them.

DOWNLOAD: Lily – Ministry of Magic


DOWNLOAD: Snape vs. Snape – Ministry of Magic



Now Periodical Wrock Song Whenever I Feel Like It

DOWNLOAD: Hey Remus – The Whomping Willows

Wrock Song of the Day

DOWNLOAD: Ascendio – Ministry of Magic