Week 12 Meeting Confirmation

Hey guys. I’m really sorry for the lateness of this post – I had a WebAssign to finish.

Anyways, this week’s meeting will be tomorrow (TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2011) in Rm 3 at lunch as usual. If you’re interested, you should be up to (and including) the chapter ARAGOG. I know; this means that next week’s chapters will be very exciting (we actually finish the rest of the book then).

If you can, please bring in your Fan Art submissions. If you can’t bring in your piece, please e-mail us a copy/photograph/something for us to judge. As there are currently no entries, any new submissions will have a very good chance of winning.


Week 12 Meeting

Hey guys! This week’s meeting will probably be on Tuesday. If an overwhelming number of you can’t make it then, please say so below in the comments and we’ll pick another day. For now, plan for Tuesday. Respond ASAP if you will be facing issues.


Fan Art Contest

Hey guys!

Please remember that there is an HPC meeting tomorrow and that if you are participating in the fan art contest, you should bring in your pieces then.

If you can’t make it with your piece to this meeting, try to show up to the soonest (can I say that?) meeting available. We may hold off judging our pieces tomorrow depending on the number of submissions, however we will still greatly appreciate seeing them then.


[Sorry. This whole post is so awkwardly worded.]

Week 11 Meeting

I’m really sorry you didn’t hear from us sooner, guys. Last week’s meeting was cancelled at the last second due to an unpredicted use of Rm 3, and we’ve been slow on the uptake updating you all about this week’s meeting date, which is on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2011.

For this week, we will be discussing the book up to THE VERY SECRET DIARY (by that I mean we will be discussing The Very Secret Diary but not Cornelius Fudge). I hope that that’s not too much of an influx of chapters for any one of you.

See you at the meeting. (:*                  [<– you can just all pretend that asterisk is a lightning-bolt shaped scar]

Week 10 Meeting Date Change

Hey guys!

It looks like this week’s meeting will be moved from Monday to Thursday. Yes, that is the day of the school-wide sustainability conference. We’re not sure when the lunch time will be on this day, so keep an ear out in case you learn something that might help us. Regardless, plan to meet in Room 3 as usual when you are dismissed, and depending on the length of the lunch hour, the length of the meeting may be shortened or something.

There is a bonus to this date change – those working on fanart will be pleased to note that they have an extra three days to get their pieces in order for the meeting. Again, good luck.

EDIT: Lunch is slated to be from 12:00 to 1:15, so depending on member interest we’ll have either a full 1.25 hour meeting, or a more regular length (.75 hour) one as usual.

November Club Meetings Update

Okay. So here’s what’s going down:

This week’s meetings will be WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2011 and FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011.

The Fan Art contest will be postponed until next week’s meeting, giving you all an extra weekend to come up with some beautiful object of HP affection.

The census will also extend into next week [but respond ASAP as we might pick a permanent weekday (if there is one that works for all/most people) to hold meetings on and your input on preferable dates will not be considered if it hasn’t been submitted].

We have been late in getting a lot of points counted up, so if you have any posters/etc. to give in to us now, please do so at the next two meetings (this includes any/all expired HPC or Philosophy Club posters still up around the school at the time of this post). Going on the forum may cause you to earn some hidden points, so get on that quickly as well. We’ll probably count all of the points up one day this week or on the weekend. I’ll try to have everything completely 100% updated for Sunday night.

I hope this post satiates any members who were feeling somewhat hungry or lonely. Speaking of food, feel free to bring some in this week to share.

Lastly, make sure to get a good start on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It’s a very exciting book.

If I forgot anything on this post, I will update it as I remember. If you have anything relevant/useful to say (perhaps to remind me of something I’ve forgotten), please do so in the comments section of this post. If you have something more interesting/fun to say, please do so on the forum and start up a big discussion.

Alas, goodbye.


Alright. It’s time.

To have your membership updated and verified for the continuance of the school year, please send us an e-mail stating: your NAME, the LUNCH HOURS YOU ARE BUSY, and any OTHER THOUGHTS you wish to relay.

By doing so, you are eligible to earn yourself one point for telling us which lunch hours you are busy (this will really benefit you in the future – it will help us plan meeting times), and up to two points for your comments, depending on how thoughtful etc. they are. Anything you say will be taken under advisement/consideration.

By the end of the day, I hope to have another post out with this week’s meeting times stated. If Friday is a mostly free day, it is very likely we will have a meeting then, as that is when the Fan Art Contest draws to a close.

Speaking of the Fan Art Contest, we (so far) have received ZERO submissions. Just so you know.

Okay. Get to it.

Week 9 Meetings

There will not be a meeting this week (week 8), however there will be two next week (week 9), and for them you will be advised to read the chapters; THE WHOMPING WILLOW, GILDEROY LOCKHART, and MUDBLOODS AND MURMURS. Because there is no meeting this week, feel free to discuss stuff like mad on the forum (this week’s chapters from COS are open for discussion now).

Fan Art Contest

As many of you know by now, we will be holding a Fan Art Contest.

I’m sure you all know what fan art is (it’s self-explanatory) so I will announce the categories of submission for the event. They are: TRADITIONAL/VISUAL ART (of any media), and OTHER (comprising FANFICTION, MUSIC, VIDEO/FILM, MISC. FAN PIECES, ETC.). Just be creative.

Each person has a maximum of two a eligible submissions and an infinite number of fun pieces which will not be judged. If there are not enough submissions, we will merge all of the categories together. If there are too many submissions, we may make additional categories.

For each submission category, there are two judging categories: DICTATOR’S CHOICE, and PEOPLE’S CHOICE. If you win Dictator’s Choice, you will earn yourself several points, whereas if you win People’s Choice, you will earn yourself a prize.

You do not have to participate in the event, but you will/may earn points and prizes if you do.

The deadline for all submissions is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2011, so get started.

[NOTE: If you are writing a fanfiction piece, please see this post: https://thehpc.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/woefully-these-exist/. Also, feel free to browse around DeviantArt if you run out of ideas – but be prepared to lose a lot of time here. It’s a great place to procrastinate.]

You can submit pieces to us by e-mail (which we will then post to the blog), by link (from your website of sorts), by photograph, or by physical copy at one of our meetings. Be sure to have your piece there or accessible at school for the submission date.

Last Philosopher’s Stone Club Meeting

Hey guys. To wrap up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, this week’s meeting will take place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2011. Make sure to have finished the book by then.

I’m starting to think that all of you have died, what with the lack of discussion and comments on the blog and the forum. It is your right and duty to discuss the book on the forum (as we may/do not have enough time to really discuss things at meetings) and play an active part in the club even when we are apart.

Also, no one has responded to the favourite poster event, so…

Yeah, it was kind of a disappointing weekend after the great energy and success of the bake sale. I urge members to uphold energy and enthusiasm throughout after school hours as well. The best members aren’t [necessarily] the ones with the most points, but rather the ones who always contribute to the club, whether physically or intellectually, even when not at lunch hour club meetings. And for those of you obsessed with getting points, showing us you actually deserve them is a great step into scooping them up loads at a time.

In fact, there may be extra prizes at the end of the year for members we feel best capture the true essence of the Harry Potter Club.